Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is involved with multiple Jewish based businesses. For that reason, many have assumed that Warren Buffet is Jewish after all he is spending a lot of time and money to support Jewish business and the country of Israel. However, that isn’t why he is so involved with businesses that are run by the Jewish community in America. In fact, Warren Buffet describes himself as being agnostic which is someone who believes there is a god but doesn’t have a set religion or focus on it in any way. The reason that Warren Buffet has is that it just happened as the businesses he is involved with are great businesses and it took him a while to realize himself what a huge amount of the Jewish community he is now involved with compared to the rest of society in America. But in the end, he says that he isn’t surprised as they historically have just run good businesses so he isn’t surprised that it happened that way it just wasn’t something that he planned that way. When joining up with the businesses religion was not something that was considered but he thankful to know such a huge amount of the Jewish community as many of them have become friends to Warren Buffet and his family.

Overall Warren Buffet is not Jewish but he proudly supports the Jewish community in the United States, and in Israel because of the fact that they are good honest people, that are running good businesses and he is proud to call many of them friends.

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