Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world but at the ripe age of eighty-seven years old he hasn’t retired but he has settled into a routine that is his own. While he still technically works that is a very small part of his life as he now spends most of his day doing whatever he likes. For Warren Buffet the way that he prefers to spend his day is reading, writing, and other leisure activities.

When asked about his routine he smiled and stated that he has no interest in waking up early, or staying up too late for work anymore as he just doesn’t need to. At the point that he is at in his life, he can do basically whatever he wants and not worry about it all. So while he doesn’t see himself ever retiring because he actually enjoys the work he also chooses to spend his day exactly the way he wants to without having to worry about anything else either. When it comes to his businesses he has enough people working for him that the businesses can run smoothly with only minor oversight from him. His job now is as an investor, and to make sure his companies stay true to the morals that he wants all of his companies to have. The reason that it is so important to him to keep working is that it does give him something else to do that he is used to but he only has to do it when he feels like doing it.

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