Traits of a Legend-Warren Buffett and His Personality

Given his amazing achievements, people might be curious about Warren Buffett’s personality and how it helped him to become, as some say, the greatest investor who ever lived. As one of three children born to a stockbroker in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1930, he demonstrated an early interest in numbers and statistics and generated income during his childhood through his entrepreneurial ventures. He was a rather introverted child and enjoyed studying and observing his environment patiently and calmly.

As he gained further education and matured into a young adult, he realized that he needed to improve his ability to communicate with people in order to do well in business and took courses to improve his speaking skills. He had a knack for breaking down seemingly complex issues and making concrete sense out of them. This trait became useful when he studied potential investments. It also can be seen in his down-to-earth delivery style even today. He has said that the best value-based investment decisions he made were when he detached himself from emotion, stayed cognizant to what was going on around him and did not concern himself with what everyone else was doing.

Warren Buffett’s personality illustrates a person with some natural gifts but also of a self-determined man who took stock of his weaknesses. He studied, practiced, and persevered to improve himself and his business acumen. However, in a recent interview, the Sage of Omaha revealed that the quality he values most in other people is not intelligence, not energy, but Integrity, which offers a thought-provoking and illuminating glimpse into a remarkable person.

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