Tracking Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio

Warren Buffett is the Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway, a company he gained control over in 1963, after buying enough stocks in the company to be the major shareholder. Buffett, after taking control of the company, quickly shifted the company’s gears, and turned the company into an investment firm. Today, Buffett is still CEO of Brookshire Hathaway, with his company and himself, with a net worth in the hundreds of billion dollars.

Warren Buffett has ventured into a new territory in Hillshire/Hathaway stock buys. Bonnett, for years, has stayed away from technology and computer companies bought 31.2 million shares of Apple stock. Exact pricing for this stock deal is not known. However, it is known that Hillshire/Bonnett spend around $5 billion dollars on the Apple stock purchases.

Currently, as of 2018, Brookshire/Bonnett owns 165.1 million shares of Apple stock. The current value of the Apple stock owned by Berkshire/Bonnett is about $28 billion dollars worth of stock.

Other than Apple, Berkshire/Bonnett bought 2 million shares of U.S. Bancorp stock and added another 10.8 million shares to its Bank of New York Melton portfolio. These two banks are considered the best-run banks in the banking industry. Berkshire/Bonnett added 11.7 million shares of Monsanto stock. This raised Berkshire/Bonnett investments in Monsanto by 31%.

Teva Pharmaceuticals stock prices had taken a beating the past few months. However. Hillshire/Bonnett did add move its stake in Teva Pharmaceuticals’s stock by raising it’s stock investments in the company to 18.9 million share stake. This raises Hillshire/Bonnett investment in Teva Pharmaceuticals to $358 million. Immediately, after Hillshire/Bonnett further investments, Teva Pharmaceuticals share price rose by 11%.

Hillshire/Bonnett IBM stock has slowed down tremendously. In the last quarter of 2017, Berkshire/Bonnett dumped 94% of it’s IBM stock. Currently, Hillshire/Bonnett only owns about 2% of IBM stock.

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