Top Warren Buffet Stocks

Warren Buffet is recognized as one the top investment advisors in the world. His common-sense method of investing intrigues financial experts. According to Warren Buffet, there is no magic formula for investing. Warren Buffet knows good investments come from knowing and understanding how the markets work.

Trying to select the best stocks to purchase is a challenging task. The legendary philanthropist and financial expert know how to pick stocks that are winners. The Berkshire Hathaway Fund owned by Warren Buffet typically increases in value by over twenty-percent every year. The Berkshire Hathaway Fund is valued at close to 191 billion dollars.

Here are the top five Warren Buffet stock picks.

Apple, Inc., (APPL) is the top stock on Warren Buffet’s list of stocks. He has invested close to 29 billion dollars into Apple, Inc. According to Warren Buffet, Apple has a useful product and a very loyal customer base.

Bank of New York Mellon Bank, (BK) is next on his list of stocks. He believes the company will continue to grow at over twenty-percent each year. His total investment in Bank of New York Mellon Bank is approximately 3.5 billion dollars.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, (TEVA) is next on Warren Buffet’s top five stock picks. Although the company is burdened by a massive amount of debt, he still believes in the long term this stock is a great value.

Warren Buffet owns approximately 2.5 million shares of U.S. Bancorp, (USB) stock. The strong continuous growth of U.S. Bancorp makes this an excellent stock poised for long-term growth.

Over the last few years, Warren Buffet invested close to 1.5 billion dollars in Monsanto Company, (MON). He believes Monsanto is poised for long-term, consistent growth in the future.

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