Top 3 Warren Buffett Stocks

Has your mind ever wondered what it would feel like to be incredibly wealthy like billionaire Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world? As of right now, Warrens worth has accumulated to approximately 82.9 billion dollars. Therefore if you desire to become a millionaire by making small investments in different stocks, please review the top 10 most productive ways to increase your money.

1. Sirius XM Holdings is a satellite radio business. They have a relatively low dividend yield with a market value of $29.4 million dollars. This stock has a one-year dividend rate that is currently at 10%. This company makes a profit by charging their subscribers a subscription fee to be able to obtain a high variety of different channels. The company has a payout rate for up to 20%.

2. Southwest Airlines is funding a new low-cost operation to increase the use of plane utilities and employee productivity. This has allowed the business to stay active for about 45 years. The market value for this company is currently $35.1 billion dollars. Sadly, Their dividends only yield to about 0.8% and they have a payout rate of 15%. Finally, Their 5-year annual dividend growth rate has increased to 69%.

3. Mastercard is a very popular and well known thriving company that has a predictable flow of income. Out of the other companies mentioned above, this one has accumulated the highest amount of market value which currently stands at a total of 193.7 million dollars. the dividend yield has increased to a maximum of 0.5% and MasterCard even has a five-year annual growth rate of 50%. This company is primarily being used to minimize the amount of cash held on hand, in contrast to electronic methods of payments.

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