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Warren Buffett a billionaire world-renowned philanthropist has a couple of tips for young investors getting into the industry, the companies Warren Buffett picks to invest in a watch carefully by marketers all across the globe if they analyze what Warren Buffett puts money into and then put their money into companies rivaling or siding with buckets policies one of the most accomplished stock markets in today’s era and all time. Warren Buffett’s top stocks are Apple in a company called USG Buffett owns about a 30% stock at USG and owns 160 million stocks at Apple USD was a former company that was failing Buffett offered 5 million to USG and is now receiving money back from the deal this is not unusual as Warren Buffett is known for this exact type of behavior. Berkshire Hathaway has about 1.6 building stocks in total that they manage the top stocks of this Premier Companies in today’s world such as IBM & Wells Fargo which happens to be where the company generates most to me revenue from new relationship Berkshire Hathaway and Wells Fargo have or exact model of what Young investors should be looking to maintain with their clients nowadays. Warren Buffett has had 50 plus years of experience in the marketing industry if there is anyone you want to go after it would be him Warren Buffett has a no-holds-barred policy and takes losses as well as wins on a regular basis and he insisted this is the only way to grow you will not make any money by just letting your money sit there but you have to be smart not everyone is going to have the same gift Warren Buffett has with the stock market but he can certainly give you a few pointers regardless of who you are.

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