To Own and Not to Own

Warren Buffett a billionaire almost has no tangible things that he owns living in the same house we purchased in 1932 and driving a 2014 Cadillac XTS luxury is the furthest thing from this philanthropist mine. Warren Buffett owns many things about 28 million dollars of Apple Incorporated through investment he’s made in the past Warren Buffett does not simply TVs and cars Warren Buffett owns money in today’s economy and that will always over way whatever material item you may have he has the knowledge as well as the money to back and turn around any company for any type of suit. Berkshire Hathaway has subsidiaries to their own touch his Dairy Queen Orange Julius in Geico but Warren Buffett aside from them also has shares that he owns on a personal level it’s not uncommon to hear about Warren Buffett putting 5 billion dollars into a company at a time and promises he will restore the company’s infrastructure because this is the exact type of work he does keep in mind the Warren Buffett is 87 however the 50 plus year career he has had having two sons and one daughter he already has figured out who he’s going to pass the torch to his daughter Susan not only Falls in her footsteps but his name her company sure would have to wait after her father’s Berkshire Hathaway counterpart and it is officially the same thing giving some more causes and having different routes of investing they were officially all the same Warren Buffett started his million-dollar Endeavor of $100 that was given to him I imagine his children had it much easier being with their father was the third richest man in the world but it’s not money that makes you its experiences so Warren Buffett never let the money cloud with parenting skills or judgment

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