Three for the Price of One This Year

Investors who are eagerly awaiting the annual letter to shareholders are in for a treat this year. They get 3 letters for the price of one. The Berkshire Hathaway founder has plans for a special “golden anniversary” edition, which marks the 50 years since Warren Buffett has taken control of the company.

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, his business partner, will independently write their own views about the extraordinary journey that they have taken with Berkshire Hathaway over the last 50 years – and they will also write about what they expect to happen in the next 50 years. Neither man will change a single word of each other’s commentary. Readers will have an opportunity to look at both sets of predictions and reflections, and also have the chance to read the regular annual letter to shareholders.

By writing about 50 years into the future, Warren and Charlie – a combined 175 years of age – are going to attempt to shape Berkshire Hathaway’s future, as well as their legacy, amid an intense debate about what this company is going to look like after they are gone.

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