The Warren Edward Buffett House

To many people in their life, their most important asset is their home. Some may view their home as more valuable than their cars even though their cars can be worth more than their homes. The opinion that someone has of their home is going to change depending on what class that you are in. The worse your class, the worse your home is going to be. There is also the fact that sometimes, you can’t control what is being done to you. You live in a society where change needs to happen. The neighborhoods aren’t always built to succeed.

This is why you find cities like Baltimore, where housing is very cheap and there is little you can do. There is also a lot of it, which makes it easier to appreciate as time goes on. You gain so many things to think about in your life when it comes to these homes. You get a lot out of it, just as a person who wants to have success. There are programs built for people like you to have a foundation to stand on when you get older. Manage your home right, and you could have a bigger one than Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet loves Omaha, NE. He loves the city and everything else that the state has to offer. It has given him a lot as he as grown up. There is so much to appreciate. But it wouldn’t be the best place to build a mansion. He lives in a place that would his neighbors have to spend $18 million to make. They do this knowing that Buffet is by far the wealthiest man in the neighborhood. Not only does his house have multiple parking spots, he also fountains and a nice lawn to compliment that.

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