The Warren Buffett Success Story

Warren Buffet names open honesty, brilliant intelligence, success, and perseverance as synonyms. The name is just a whole concept of progress. Warren is a great investor, analytical genius, and philanthropist. He reins among the gurus of business and world of richness. He started investing at the age of 11 years and this begun his journey of success in business. Success in Berkshire Hathaway is just one of his most significant achievements.

Warren Buffet was interested in going to college, he wanted to get into his company directly, but his father insisted on him to go. It is during his educational journey at Columbia University that his life in business gained momentum. At the university, he met Benjamin Graham who been his mentor in the industry.

After graduating with masters in economics, Warren worked has investment salesman. Later he worked for Benjamin Graham. Before joining Graham, Buffet suggestion on the purchase of stocks dropped in value, and this meant clients could lose a lot of money. To ensure his clients lost minimal amounts of money, he started a partnership with his family and close friends. And this salvaged the situation. After three years the company saw Warren becoming a millionaire, and he brought his businesses into a single unit.

In the year 1962, a textile company called Berkshire Hathaway was selling its stock cheaply due to internal disagreement. Warren saw an opportunity and utilized it, and he aggressively bought shares. Through the years he struggled to bring back the company into functionality. The journey to success at Berkshire had several setbacks. Warren was under investigation for fraud charges, and he managed to clear his name.

In 1991 Berkshire almost ran bankrupt after a trader broke treasury bidding rules severally, but through negotiations, he managed to lift a ban from the treasury. Mr. Buffet perseverance, determination, and experience. Enabled him to make Berkshire a renowned company, and made him most successful.

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