The Warren Buffett Kraft Unilever Deal.

Warren Buffett has been known to take over companies that he believes in, so it only made sense that he would try and make another acquisition with most of his properties doing extremely well on the market right now. Warren Buffett is a firm believer in consumer brands that have been around for a long time and what people need, and when it comes to choosing the right brands to back Warren Buffett has a knack for having winners on his team. In a recent takeover attempt for Unilever for $143 Billion, the company refused Warren Buffett’s offer.

The Unilever company which has been in business for decades is famous for such brands as Dove soap and the company is doing quite well for itself. The takeover bid from Berkshire Hathaway was quickly shrugged off, as the company has no interest in selling at this time. The move was logical for Warren Buffett who already owns a controlling stake in Kraft Heinz and many other well-known companies. Warren Buffett has a steady track record of purchasing already successful companies and leaving their management teams in place, which seems like the logical move to do with Unilever.

Warren Buffett has not said if he will attempt another takeover of the company, obviously, with a $116 Billion Warchest there is nothing that Berkshire Hathaway cannot do, it just depends if Warren Buffett wants to put the effort into grabbing up another well-known property. This was one of the better-attempted stock trades of the year, there is no doubt that the Unilever company would have made an awesome addition to Warren Buffett’s massive portfolio of winning companies. The Oracle of Omaha has said that he is looking to make a few acquisitions this year, so only time will tell who else is on his warpath.

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