The Warren Buffett Fund

Mr. Warren Buffett is a big investor who is worth 87.5 billion dollars. He is the third richest person in the world. He runs the Berkshire Hathaway Hedge Fund. Years ago, he invested in a $8,175 in 1990 and start making small businesses when he was younger. When Mr. Warren was about 20 years old he made his first investment. He saved about $10,000 dollars. He invested in the Hedge Funds, Index Funds, and S&P 500 for the years as of being a billionaire investor.

About ten years ago, Mr. Warren Buffett invested about 10 million dollars in a Index Fund and can make a person richer if you invest with the Hedge Fund managers. You can invest in a couple of thousands to start off. The more money you invest in stocks and small businesses the better you can earn a great living. Mr. Buffett invested in the Hedge Fund in 2007 and made a great turnout for him. He won the bet with the Hedge Fund went up. He donated the earnings to the Girls, INC.

Mr. Warren Buffett bought 11,200 of Berkshire B shares and over the ten years it was worth $2.2 million dollars. Index Funds are a passive funding. The companies who are in the Index Funds are Computer Companies, Healthcare Companies, and Airline Companies. They are companies to invest in but with a low cost rates.

Mr. Warren Buffett invested in the S&P 500 is a great investment to become a rich person. Using the stock market is a great way to invest in different companies. Mr. Warren Buffett said “You can put money into a S&P 500 SPX fund and the fund will grow over time”.

When investing in companies with the stock market you can either win or lose money. You can invest in the Hedge Fund, Index Fund, and the S&P 500 Fund. All investments are a great way to have a comfortable living.

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