The Warren Buffett Chain Email Hoax.

There has been a lot of talk about Warren Buffett lately, from a new documentary to a series of interviews all across the news. The Oracle of Omaha is a popular man currently, and with good reason. The man has been able to single-handedly become one of the wealthiest investment professionals in the world, while at the same time remaining completely humble and grounded to his routes in Omaha, Nebraska. There have been many rumors that have circulated around the Internet about Warren Buffett over the years, some are real and some are false. The only way to really decipher the actuality is to fact-check and look at Warren Buffett’s track record.

Warren Buffett is a stable kind of guy, from living in the same house that he bought in 1958 to hold onto stock investments for decades. Warren Buffett does not believe in changing his routine around often, or at all. There has been a recent news article circulated around the investment community that says Warren Buffett sent out an email saying that he could fix the countries deficit in a day. The email which is titled “The Winds of Change” has a few errors through it, most notably the mis-spelling of Warren Buffett’s name. What makes the email even more troubling is the fact that it contains seven reforms for Congress, most of which don’t even fall in line with Warren Buffett’s belief system.

When it comes to reading any type of rumor on the Internet it pays to do research, and when it comes to the Oracle of Omaha he doesn’t tend to veer off course very often. Much less getting too far away from his core belief system. Warren Buffett did not send out the Winds of Change email, and he will not be condoning the Congress reform ideas either.

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