The Warren Buffett Bracket Deadline

The Warren Buffett bracket deadline is the deadline for the contest Buffett put together for his employees regarding college basketball. This contest takes place in March on an annual basis. The bracket deadline is quickly becoming one of the most popular contests in America.

Warren Buffett recently gave an interview on cable television. This interview had to do with where America is going financially, where people should invest their money, and what markets are predicted to crash. Additionally, Warren discussed his yearly NCAA March Madness contest. In the past, employees who won on the March Madness contest could win almost one million dollars. Well, Warren stepped it up a lot. He stated that whoever was declared the winner would get one million dollars for life.

Warren was always a college basketball fan. However, he has only been involved in the March Madness brackets since 2015. It was 2015 when Warren found out that Quicken Loans held a March Madness contest for its employees. The employee to win at the end of the college championship would receive close to 100 million dollars.

As far as Warren Buffett is concerned, he is even more financially safe. All of his employees chose Nebraska teams to win the NCAA tournament, but that did not happen. With that being said, Warren did not have to pay any of his employees for winning the contest. In fact, Warren actually made money from the fee he charges employees to enter into the contest.

Warren Buffett puts on the same contest every single year, and every year it gets more intense. Warren loves going to see college basketball live, especially when the game involves a team from Nebraska. Warren Buffett does his best to be a fun boss so his employees stay happy all the time.

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