The Warren Buffett 3 Rules for Investing

Warren Buffett is a person who does things that he likes to do which includes owning over 60 companies in the world right now. This is something that he takes pride in when it comes to the way that he works when he was rejected from the school that he wanted to go through and get the job that he wanted which would normally crush a person.

Rule number one that he says is to work hard to make money which is something that everybody wants when it comes to the world that we live in nowadays. Money means everything to the people that have nothing which is why he lives in such a new type of generation. Working hard has never been something that this generation had to go through which is why it makes the older generations go crazy.

Rule number two that Warren Buffett says is to never stop thinking about rule number one. Working hard is something that he had to do his whole life and is something that he is making his children understand by making them have to go through the same thing that he went through. Warren understands that there has to be a way to make his children go through the same thing that he went through and that there is things in the world that matter like giving back to the people that worked hard those that need help. This is one of the reasons that he donates to the charities like he does is to make sure that they are taken care of.

Lastly, If the business is going well then chances are the stock is going to sell too. This is something that he was taught. He will keep teaching these rules to others that come into the career as well.

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