The Warren Buffet NCAA Billion Dollar Bracket.

Warren Buffett is known for being one of the smartest men on Wall Street, and at the same time, he is also known for loving to have a little fun for a good cause. Warren Buffett initiated the Billion Dollar Bracket for march madness as a way of raising a good amount of money for charity and at the same time challenge some mathematics geniuses around the country. It is well known that Warren Buffett is no slouch when it comes to his math skills, and often times will read up to %80 of his day.

The Billion Dollar Bracket is a challenge for anyone who can correctly fill out the March Madness bracket and guess the odds correctly. This means that you would have to bet on each game and beta winning combination to actually win, and this is a hard task and almost impossible for most ordinary people. The beauty of this challenge is that Warren Buffett is still going to be donating the money to charity, so there is a win-win situation for everyone who is involved. But Warren Buffett loves to win, and there is no reasonable chance that he will be losing this challenge unless Albert Einstein comes into the question.

The Billion Dollar Bracket is just another way that Warren Buffett has come up with a way to have a good amount of fun in his life, while still helping a very good cause. The Billion Dollar Bracket is part of Warren Buffett’s ongoing mission of giving the majority of his wealth away long before his demise. Warren Buffett is one of the most amazing investors in the world, and his Billion Dollar Bracket is another great way for him to help donate to charity and keep his promise for the giving pledge.

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