The Warren Buffet CFA

Warren Buffett and His Early Mentor Ben Graham
Of course, everybody knows who Warren Buffett is. A self-made billionaire CEO of his company Brookshire Hathaway. Let’s take a look at probably one of Buffett’s most influential people in his career and Ben Graham comes to mind.

Ben Graham Originated the Certification Process for Certified Financial Advisor
Ben Graham was the architect of the certification process for financial analysts. Ben started the theory of passing an exam to certified as a financial advisor in the late 1950s. After years of debate the first exam was held on June 15 1963 and taken by over 300 analysts who studied for the exam. Many of the participants in the exam already had over 30 years experience in the financial analyst field.

Ben Graham’s Influence on Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett met Ben Graham while doing his graduate work at Columbia Business School. Ben Graham was one of Buffett professors at the university. Warren after completing his graduate work went to work for Ben Graham in Graham’s investment partnership. In many interviews with the press Buffett acknowledged Graham as the second most influential person in his life. Warren named his son Howard Graham Buffett after his mentor Ben Graham.

The CFA Institute and Warren Buffett Contribution
The Certified Financial Institue is located in Charlottesville Virginia. When you arrive at the Institute a likeness of Ben Graham is one first thing you will see. This likeness was commissioned by Warren Buffett. Buffett’s considered his investment style as he has stated in the press 85% Ben Graham in his methods of investing.

Ben Graham effect on Warren Buffett success cannot be measured. However numbers do not lie and Warren Buffett is the second wealthiest person in this country! To sum up Graham effect on Buffett Buffett has said that Ben Graham taught him the price is what you pay and the valve is what you actually get.

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