The Two Warren Buffett Books That Are Actually Worth Reading.

When it comes to becoming a stock investor everyone wants to be the next Warren Buffett, unfortunately, this man has built a career over fifty years and has a certain style of investing that cannot be mimicked. Not only is the man a sheer genius at investing, he is also very good with numbers and in fact he excelled at mathematics during his youth. Warren Buffett is one extraordinary investor, and as such, it would seem only logical that new and old investors alike would want to read about the Oracle of Omaha to learn what his secrets are. Well, there aren’t many secrets to Warren Buffett at all, in fact his investment style is known as Value Investing.

Warren Buffett himself has actually never written a book, or put the pen to the paper but he has been featured in literally thousands of different books written by financial authors who have picked apart his investment style. There are a few noteworthy books in regards to Warren Buffett and one of them is The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America written by Lawrence A. Cunningham. This book is a classic example of the letters that Warren Buffett is known to send out to his shareholders, and it gives an insider look at just how he invests his shareholder’s money.

Another great read is Back to School: Question & Answer Session with Business Students, a book which takes a look at the various business lectures that Warren is known to give at colleges and universities all around the world. There are of course thousands of other books, but these two are the ones that have really made a difference in the lives of investors and they give an insider perspective of how Warren Buffett has built his immense fortune over the years.

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