The Two Top Books Recommended By Warren Buffett.

What does it take to become a billionaire investor? Well, a whole lot of knowledge and research. It has been said that Warren Buffett devotes a good %80 of his day to read books, and he has done this since his very first start in the investment industry. So if you are trying to learn the secrets of Value Investing here are the few books that Warren Buffett has read and recommends for any new and even experienced investors. The book that changed Warren Buffett’s life and created the billionaire investor is The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham. This book is not only old but also packed with all kinds of knowledge on the skill of value investing, and Benjamin Graham is known for being Warren Buffett’s original mentor.

The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, is a well-written book, which takes a hard look at what exactly Value Investing is and how you can learn to do it the right way. The book has been instrumental in teaching many investment professionals how to invest the right way, and how to make a profit doing it. The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, can still be found at most book retailers, and the book has recently been re-released onto the Kindle web store so you can enjoy the book right from your e-reader.

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