The Two High Dividend Stocks Of Warren Buffett.

When it comes to investing your money in the stock market nothing is more important then actually making a profit on your investments. Whether you are compounding interest, or getting a quarterly dividend either way you want your stock investments to be making your money work for you. Warren Buffett is well known in the investment world as a value investor, and he has said time and time again that if you are not planning on holding onto a stock for at least ten years then there is no point in investing. One of the most valuable stocks that you can get is called a dividend stock, and these either pay out quarterly or yearly.

This dividend can either be reinvested or you can cash out on the profit, but either way it is a positive situation for investors. Apple is the main dividend stock that Warren Buffett is heavily invested in right now, and he has stood behind the company for many years. Apple is known for reward their shareholders with handsome profits, especially since the advent of the successful iPod and the breakout hit the iPhone. For 2018 the profits of Apple seem to still be on an upswing, and Warren Buffett has continued to purchase more shares in the company.

Another stellar dividend stock is Bayer AG (NASDAQOTH:BAYRY). Warren has been heavily backing this company as they are on the verge of a merger with Monsanto. The company is divested across quite a few industries and the company has continued to turn a healthy profit each quarter. Warren Buffett is known for sticking behind value oriented companies, and in the case of these two titans you cannot go wrong if you are on the hunt for a stellar dividend stock that is known for turning a profit.

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