The Two Grandchildren Of Billionaire Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett is one of the most famous people in America and one of the most influential investors that the stock market has ever seen, and with good reason because he has been at it for fifty years. Warren Buffett is a modest man, who is actually quite frugal with his spending habits. He has also kept a closed leash on his family, having three children and remaining married to his wife until she passed away in 2007. Warren Buffett had three children, Susan Alice Buffett, Peter Buffett, and Howard Graham Buffett. If his son Peter has a familiar name it is because he is actual a Grammy award winning musician.

Buffett has two grandchildren, whom one of which has recently been featured in a documentary about Buffett because he disowned her. Howard Warren Buffett is Warrens 34 year old grandson, who has been know as a professor and more recently a public affairs professional for The White House. Take a look down the hippie lined streets of Berkeley, California and you are bound to see Warren Buffetts Granddaughter, Nicole. Often known for her dreadlocks and complete departure from her traditional family, Nicole has been interviewed time and time again including by Oprah because of Warren disowning her.

Warren Buffett has been known to be a hard head when it comes to his family, and after paying for his grandchildren’s tuition said that no further hand outs would be given. Nicole is actually quite the accomplished painter and artist, she current owns a shop at 465 Ninth St. in San Francisco and has won praise for her art. This just goes to show what kind of ethic Warren has instilled in his grandchildren, and that even though he is a billionaire they still need to find their own ways in this world.

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