The Truth About Warren Buffett And Jimmy Buffett Being Related.

One of the most common misconceptions that people tend to make about a person is the fact that if you share a last name with someone you are related. This is not always the case, and a lot of times can be a terrible mistake. One of the most common victims of this mistake is the billionaire Warren Buffett and the country singer Jimmy Buffett. Due to their similar family namesake, time and time again people mistake the two as being related. Both men are actually not related at all, and share no blood ties what so ever. The two men are very good friends, and Jimmy affectionately calls Warren his uncle but that is as far as the relation actually goes.

The two men have also gone on record to dispute rumors about them being related as well, with both men stating that while they are friends this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jimmy Buffett has taken a good deal of Warrens advice over the years though and has turned his business into a thriving empire making the singer worth $550 million. This is a small drop in Warren Buffett’s pond, but nevertheless, he has taught Jimmy a good deal about business and investing his money the right way. The two commonly laugh when people mistake them for being related, and oftentimes Warren will dispel the rumors.

This is a common occurrence but for all intensive purposes the two men are not related at all, and for the most part, live completely across different parts of the country. Warren Buffett has been a fan of Jimmy Buffett for a long time, and Warrens son Peter is a musician so it makes sense in a lot of ways. But as of right now, Warren Buffett is not related to Jimmy Buffett in any sense of the word.

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