The True Story Behind The Friendship Of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two of the most well know names in the world of technology and investing, and arguably the two richest men in the world while they are at it. A lot of people don’t know it but the two men are actually close friends, who also live in a very similar matter. The two richest men in the world do not drive expensive cars, boast their money, or have ten different homes. Instead both men are very modest from the way that they dress to the way that they spend their money, and this should be a lesson for anyone who is looking to build their wealth or has a shot at being extremely wealthy.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met at a dinner in 1991, the meeting place? The home of Bill Gates parents, at the urging of his mother. Bill Gates said that he originally didn’t want to leave his work at Microsoft to come meet the billionaire investor, but finally caved in at the urging of his mother. He said that he would stay no longer then two hours, and when he finally met the Oracle of Omaha he was entranced in conversation which lasted for hours upon hours, sparking a real lasting long term friendship.

Warren Buffett didn’t invest in Microsoft, and Bill Gates didn’t need him too. The friendship has lasted all of these years from a genuine interest in each other. The two men have been known to eat meals together at Mc Donalds and even mattress shop together. This kind of friendship is something else, and it has really lasted the test of time. Warren Buffett is actually a very down to earth and friendly guy, and Bill Gates of course is known for his modest living style.

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