The Tradition of the Warren Buffet Bracket

Warren Buffet this past March made his annual March Madness challenge even more insane. The way that he did this is he offered his employees $1 million dollars for life to any employee that was able to pick a perfect bracket. This was one of the biggest challenges that the billionaire has offered in years past. There is one catch that came with this challenge and that was the fact that the challenge has never been won in the past.

The odds of winning this would be out of the world and as such many employees may never have the chance of winning. There is one bright side that allowed many employees to still take part in this contest. The incentive that made many of the employees want to take part is the fact that the employee that has the bracket that lasted the longest would win $100 000 this meant that one lucky employee was going to have a guarantee of a payment of $100 000. Last year an employee from Virginia was fortunate enough to win the $100 000.

The way that they were able to pull this off was correctly filling out the bracket of 31 spots out of the 32. this was the closest that an employee came to winning the ultimate prize. There has not been a winner for this year’s contest announced yet but it is a known that Warren Buffet will not be paying a lucky employee the prize again this year. This contest is designed to help and build a strong working relationship with his employees and give them something that they will be able to take immense pride in when they put together their basketball bracket for next year’s tournament. It is a matter of when not if someone will win the contest and collect the one million dollars for life prize.

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