The Top Two Stocks Of Warren Buffett’s Portfolio.

Warren Buffett is one of the most recognizable names in the stock market, so naturally, there are thousands of new investors every year who want to learn how to invest just like him. Sometimes it takes more than just knowing what type of investments a person has been choosing, it also pays to know what companies are winners. There are a select number of companies that Warren Buffett recommends, and he has stood behind these companies for over a decade. Warren Buffett has a famous saying that if you are not going to hold onto a stock for ten years there is no point in even holding it for ten seconds.

Warren Buffett is a major backer of Wells Fargo Bank, in fact, this is the company that he owns the most stake in $29.28 billion. Warren has been a major backer of the bank, and he remained strong with Wells Fargo even in the light of their recent scandal which involved bonuses for employees selling new accounts. Warren Buffett has remained a major backer of Wells Fargo throughout the economic downturn, and Wells Fargo was one of the few banking institutions that actually did alright in terms of earnings and company growth with very few home loans that went south.

Another major stock for Warren Buffett is Apple (AAPL), with his shares ranging in at $28.21 billion. Apple has been a solid winner for Warren Buffett, and with the iPhone brand stronger then ever Warren Buffett remains adamant that Apple is a great pick for any investor who is trying to get their foot in the door with a solid company. Warren Buffett generally stands behind American companies, and with these two companies posting healthy earnings every quarter these are two companies that Warren Buffett has been recommending for years.

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