The Son of Warren Buffett

Howard Buffett is one of three children born to Susan and Warren Buffet. He is the middle child, between younger brother Peter and older sister Susan Alice. All of the Buffett children have the same belief of their parents that each and every person is equally valuable. They are all philanthropists who work hard to make life easier for those less fortunate.

Concerned for folks who live in poverty all around the globe, Howard has the lofty goal of eventually ending world hunger. He has a commercial farm in Decatur, Illinois but spends a lot of time, along with his son, Howard Warren, working on the family’s farm in Nebraska. While working in Africa as a conservationist and wildlife photographer, Howard became acutely aware of the plight of the African people. He shifted his focus there to help address the issues that African farmers faced while trying to eke a living from the depleted soil there. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation joined DuPont Pioneer and John Deere to develop the Center for No-Till Agriculture in the Ashanti area of Ghana. The center is headed by Kofi Boa, who left Ghana long enough to attend the University of Nebraska and now trains farmers to use high- yield methods to increase their harvest.

Buffett also teams up with the Program for Africa’s Seed Systems, making loan guarantees as well as money to get started for seed companies that are owned by locals. It is crucial to get the correct seeds to farmers in the most remote areas of Africa and to help farmers develop the needed skills to be successful. This work is taking place under treacherous circumstances at times, in places that are unstable and corrupt.

Howard Buffett is a dedicated and determined man. While working on a project in South Sudan, fighting broke out, prompting others to bail out. He took on the project alone from that point. To Howard Buffett, helping starving people out trumps personal safety any day.

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