The Security Behind Protecting Warren Buffett.

There is no doubt that being the richest man in the country would leave you vulnerable to threats like violence and extortion, and in the case of Warren Buffett, this is even more evident. Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the country, and unfortunately, he is also a creature of habit which leaves him up for threats. What many people don’t understand is that Warren Buffett has actually hired a security guard for the last two decades and his name is Dan Clark. This security specialist follows Warren around for all of his daily activities as well as on the road as he travels as an analyst for CNBC and other news outlets.

Warren Buffett is a very important public figure, and he has also had to beef up other forms of his personal security as well. The home in which he has resided in since 1958 recently had a new iron gate installed, and this was so that the swarms of tourists would stop getting onto the home’s property. It has been said that Berkshire Hathaway has spent upwards of $300,000 a year on Warren Buffett’s security personnel and this is just a modest figure. There is nothing harder than protecting an important figure, and there are different methods of security that Warren Buffett has had to partake in.

Warren Buffett is a simple and frugal man, but one thing that he has invested a good deal of money in is his own personal security. After all, when you are the worlds richest man you definitely have a target on your back. Warren Buffett is an icon in the investment community, and as such is subject to threats and robbery attempts but thus far his personal security has managed to keep him safe for most of his career.

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