The Rolex Day Date President, Worn By Warren Buffett.

When it comes to being a successful investor, everyone wants to emulate someone. When it comes to emulating the most successful investor in the world, one wants to know everything about him from his home to what he wears. When it comes to Warren Buffett he is notoriously frugal with his money, in fact, he still lives in the same Omaha, Nebraska home that he purchased in 1958. There is one thing however that Warren has been known to spend his money on, and it hasn’t left his side in the last decade and that is his gold Rolex Day Date President Watch.

This fine piece of jewelry is actually quite expensive, retailing $34,050 brand new. To find one used you are still going to expect to pay around $13,500, and that is for a reason previously owned model. This watch is not flashy by any means, although it has been named one of the greatest watches of all time by Money Inc. With good reason, because this subtle beauty is the quintessential mark of excellence as well as prosperity, with a simplistic watch dial design that shows the day and the date this is the mark of a businessman who doesn’t need to flaunt his fortune.

Warren Buffett lives under the radar, even driving a 2014 Cadillac XTS and before that a 2006 Cadillac DTS. The watch is the perfect compliment to a man who lives frugal but is world renowned for his financial wisdom and knowledge. The Rolex Day Date President is a watch that is as beautiful as it is unique, and with the price tag to match, this is the kind of watch that you will invest in when you have made it to the level of success that Warren Buffett has in the investment community.

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