The Rhetoric of BNSF

If a stranger walks up to a homeless person and hands them a dollar while asking “Do you need money? Provoking the response of that homeless person to say “Is that a rhetorical statement? If the stranger closes by answering “No it was a question,” he would be right.
The evolution of financial times is thematically rhetorical. Some people reading this article are for the first time becoming aware that Burlington North America Sante Fe, LLC is a railroad system owned by Warren Buffet.

Some may think it to be comical relatedness that Warren Buffett, his maybe someday near-to-be widow and his prodigies and followers would ever have to worry about money. Well, I take that back, but certainly, I think for his wife and kids for sure this would apply. I mean for goodness sakes there are still some child actors who made so much money during their earlier days that they will never have to work again.Undoubtedly, for the widows and offspring of other wealthy pioneers, the same is said to be true for them as well. Sam Walton’s kids, Carlos Slim’s, and let’s not forget about the Bush’s, and the Rockefeller’s, and the Rothschild’s.

Yet still, In this current era of financial strategy and investment amidst the troubled tidings of instability and restrained volatility, it’s hard. So hard that advice from history’s class of “one of the most wealthy” seemingly holds timeless value. Warren Buffet A more than a seasoned investor has strategies for investors and hedge fund managers and everyone else. With nearly a centennial of experience. Many would probably find it peculiar when rationalizing some of the investment advice that Mr. Buffett has given throughout his Era of profit projections. Warren Buffett told his wife that she should reinvest, and likewise for others, is that it is easier for investors to invest in a “mutual fund”. Warren Buffet has said that paying close attention to the revenue generated by stocks on the S&P is crucial when considering an investment.
An Overview of Buffets advice at one of his annual Corporate Shareholder meetings can be found here as featured in USA Today.

Interestingly enough people are starting to harp on the idea that when you chase money you end up regretting it, and that recessions are actually a good thing because they force the filtering out of useless ideas thus provoking true wealth through encouragement of the ability to never run out of money is when the focus becomes forever creating and Delivering Value .

BNFS operates across twenty-eight states across North America, stretching throughout vast landscapes and connecting consumers and commodities contained in freight marginalizing the registry of metropolitan embellishment retrospective of the establishment. The mid-western city Omaha for example is not only the largest city in the state of Nebraska, it is the 60th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America hosting four of Wallstreet’s Fortune 500 companies. Out of those four companies Warren Buffet owns two and who knows its hard to appropriate figures when he is affiliated with all of them in some way. Mutual of Omaha is a Financial Firm-owned and Operated by Buffet.

The Oxford American dictionary has many definitions for Rhetoric, but notably, a rhetorical statement is expressed in a way intended to impress and persuade whilst producing an effect. When you think of a BNFS freight cart hauling across Omaha carrying something you have or will probably consume all while sitting in your home that may or may not be insured under Mutual of Omaha, when you think of all this understand that its rhetorical. Warren Buffet has made many rhetorical statements ,not questions-statements.

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