The Real Truth Behind Warren Buffett’s Casa.

Warren Buffett’s home or “Casa” has been a staple of the Omaha investor since 1958 when he first purchased the home for $31,000. What makes his home so special? Well, for Warren he says that the home has been the best investment that he has ever made. In todays value the home is still remarkably affordable, especially for a billionaire. The home is worth a little over $641,000 in todays market, and Warren says that he is not going to move from the home anytime soon. Not much has changed for the home, over the years Warren has added tasteful additions such as a rod iron gate and the usual exterior touches such as a new paint scheme.

Warren Buffett is said to get around three hundred letters a day to his residence, and he generally is not able to read every letter that comes through. When you are the Oracle of Omaha you tend to be the spotlight of peoples affection. In Warren Buffett’s case he such an icon in the investment community that his home is somewhat of a national landmark. Warren Buffett is a very modest man, and although he could live anywhere in the world he chooses to live right at home where he got his start in the business. He is said to be content with his five minute commute to work everyday, and he has also had the same office for fifty years.

Warren Buffett likes consistency, and he resonates this in his investment style. Warren has a keen sense of value, and this translates into how he invests his money everyday. This has helped to make Berkshire Hathaway a billion dollar business, and the company continues to grow every day. Warren Buffett loves his home and it is just a testament to the type of man that he is.

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