The Omaha Oracle

The billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett features a lot of strong traits, leadership patience as well as acceptance of failure or just some of the ways that Warren Buffett has adapted to today’s market and has had such a successful career over the 50 plus years that he has been in the business of stock marketing. Warren Buffett has acquired many businesses over the course of his career Berkshire Hathaway makes Warren Buffett third richest man in the world but this is not relevant to the type of man that he is Warren Buffett does not let material things lead his life rather he lives experiences in relationships.

Active in the 2008 election of President Obama he sided with the Democrats and had a non-for-profit dinner in Obama’s honor where each plate counted for $32,000 tour the Obama Administration as well as Charity in the city of Chicago. Still lives in the same house he did when he had a wife and three children he bought the house in 1952 for the three children who he raised have all went on to have successful and lucrative businesses as well following in his Father’s Footsteps these are just some of the examples of Warren Buffett’s exceptional leadership skills that he shows not only physically towards others but mentally toward himself. Being the chairperson of Berkshire Hathaway you can’t run a billion dollar industry without having a billion-dollar mind Warren Buffett is a living symbol of that in which every move he makes essentially make some money for him and being the type of person he is he chooses to give back the Omaha Oracle at its best Warren Buffett changing the world as well as people’s lives with every day of his life recently donating millions to all types of charities all over the world.

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