The Mystery Of Warren Buffett And Jimmy Buffett Being Related.

Warren Buffett is one of the most respected businessmen in the world, and with good reason as his investment knowledge is bar-none. There is also a well-known singer who has made quite a name for himself in the music world, and that is Jimmy Buffett. When you look at the twos last names, one would wonder, are they related? Well, as it turns out the two men actually took a DNA test to see if they were related and it came back negative. The two men do share a family name, and they both refer to each other as uncle Warren and cousin Jimmy.

Jimmy Buffett has also become quite the businessman in recent years, with an estimated net worth of $550 million he is no slouch to the thought of investing or earning money. While many singers are content with their music money, Jimmy has turned his margarita vile song into a nationwide brand of drinks and restaurants. As many would assume that he is resting on a beach somewhere this could be no further from the truth, and in fact, he has been growing his brand consistently.

Sadly as many might have assumed Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett are not related, in any sense of the word. Maybe is some distant past their family might have been related, hence the last name but that is about the only thing that they share. There is no family relation here, and although both men share a stellar work ethic they are not related in any sense of the word. But the men are really good friends, and there is no doubt that Jimmy has learned quite a few business tricks from Warren over the years and has applied these principles to growing his brand and becoming more than just another rich music star.

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