The Most Memorable Moments Of Warren Buffetts 2017 Letter

Every year Warren Buffett pens a new letter to his shareholders, and with each letter, he details different aspects of the investment market each year. Warren is known for pointing out stellar investment strategies in an interesting way, never giving the same information twice. He specializes in value investing, and if it were up to Warren he would keep the same investments forever without selling if they are turning a profit every year. Warren Buffett likes to hold onto his investments, and in the 2017 letter to his investors, he reiterated this once again.

This year Warren stated that with trillions of dollars being managed on Wall Street right now, the real profiteers are the investment managers. What he is saying right here is that the clients are not reaping the rewards that they should be, and this should be a message to all investors to take a better look at their investments and get more involved. Warren Buffett is known to be a hands-on investor, and he personally believes in the companies that he likes to invest in. Another aspect of the 2017 letter is the fact that Warren Buffett reiterated how fear controls the market, and the best time to invest and make a fortune is during mass market panic such as the recession.

Warren Buffett also said that the babies who are born today are among the luckiest crop to have been born yet. With the advances in technology and the way that the market is there is a bright future ahead, especially for would-be investors and the future of investment securities. Warren is a key figure at figuring out how the future of the market is going to play out, and with his 2017 letter, he was able to bestow even more knowledge on the investment community that he has been a part of for fifty years.

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