The Marriage Life of Warren Buffett

Everyone knew how much Warren Buffett wanted a family. He talked about it while he was in his teen years. He knew that he wanted success too, but that would take some time to work out for him. Warren Buffett started working on building his business up prior to getting married.

Warren Buffett marriage was around the corner for him and all he wanted to do was share his success with his family. He married Susan Thompson in 1952, and Buffett seemed to be happy to everyone he met. It was his first love and only love to him. But do to things beyond his understanding, the two soon separated after having 3 children.

Warren Buffett did live in a different location, but he still remained married to Susan until 2004. She also lived in a comfortable location, and the both stayed in touch with each other throughout their marriage. They also managed to be friends too.

Warren Buffett decided to give marriage another try, and he married Astrid Meeks in 2006. He wanted a new chance to show more love to who he felt like was who he loved the most. He was happy about his children from his previous marriage, but this time, he was able to travel and have his best friend with him at all times.

Warren Buffett was happy to have his marriage in 1952. He didn’t like how things were turning out for him, but he still supported his wife until 2004. He had 3 children that he needed to care of, and he thought that staying there was the best for their lives. Astrid Menks was Buffett’s second wife in 2006. They both wanted happiness, and it seemed to work out for the both of them.

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