The Leadership Style of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is the world best investor, philanthropist, and business guru. His leadership qualities have seen him become the billionaire he his today. His leadership qualities have shown going against public opinion, tackling your mistakes and being humble is important.

Warren Buffet is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway a renowned business company. Given that Berkshire owns a lot of subsidiary companies, Warren Buffet has got to have some special way he does control and lead the company for it to be successful. Warren associates his skills with Benjamin Graham who has been his mentor since college life. Warren’s ability to choose rightful part even when things are getting tough has enabled him to salvage Berkshire Hathaway from almost being bankrupt to being one of the most respected companies today.

Buffet style of handling business has been through; focusing on the growth of industry and avoiding increasing employees. Within his subsidiary companies, he has split the role of Chairman and CEO to be taken by different people. He has ensured that members of the board are directly linked with owners of the subsidiary companies. Buffet doesn’t allow the feeling of satisfaction, government involved in his business or arrogance as this will bring down the market.

Warren doesn’t think of himself, but business comes first, he puts trust on his managers, and this will make them productive. He has learned that experience is the best teacher and will always let them guide him through. Accepting mistakes and being humble will allow one to give others who are best to run the business.

Applauding those you work with and even mentioning them by names, will boast them to work even harder in ensuring the success of the business. If you duly follow this, then you deserve the title of a leader.Mr. Buffett is an exceptional leader. He is indeed a mentor to many.

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