The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America.

There have been many different books on Warren Buffett over the years, and one of the most influential titles to hit bookstores has been The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America. This book is an excerpt of the past twenty years that Warren Buffett has written essays for his shareholders. The amount of wisdom that the premier investor in America has written over the years is astounding, and author Lawrence Cunningham has made a career out of precisely examining the investment tactics of Warren Buffett.

The book lays out many ethical and logical business practices, which are derived from the expert himself. Lawrence Cunningham is also quite the expert in the financial field, so his twenty plus years of experience is compounded on top of the wisdom from Warren Buffett. This is far more than just a book that talks about how great Warren Buffett is, in fact, this book is one of the best chronological titles about his numerous essays that he sends out to his shareholders yearly.

One of the most noteworthy stories in the book is how Warren purchased stock in a business for $4 a share back in 1965 and was able to sell the stock for $100,000 a share in 2007. This is just some of the amazing business and investment knowledge that Warren Buffett has shared with the investment community over a fifty-year career. The Essays of Warren Buffett is a must-read for anyone who is interested in getting into investing, whether you have a lot of money to play around with or very little. Warren Buffett is probably the smartest mind in the stock trading world, and with this kind of knowledge, you will be able to add another tool to your investment belt just like the man himself.

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