The Buffetts Are Friends

It is amazing how two successful men could share the same last night. Both men are in different fields of business, but they often are thought of as being father and son. Jimmy Buffett Warren Buffett are always mistaken for being in the same family, but they never seemed to complain about it.

Jimmy has often felt that people would expect him to have money like Warren, but he doesn’t. It seems to not bother him to be called his son. Warren Buffett knows that Jimmy Buffett is working as hard as he is to reach his own business goals.

The amazing request for Jimmy to attend one of Warren’s meetings came about one evening when he had finished playing music. The well-known musician could possibly be booked for a show with Warren, but he would like to listen to some of his advice too.

Warren Buffett proudly invites Jimmy to all of his functions. The two seems to really get along well. With Jimmy being a millionaire and Warren being a billionaire, they often share advice about investing together. Buffett may one day decide to invest in some of Jimmy’s music.

The most notable feeling is the fact that they love to converse after the meetings. They two are often seen checking business stocks and seeing how each other decided to save their money. With the efforts of both of them, they seem to have their predictions of business to the best of both of their judgments. Jimmy has a different strategy, but Warren still admires how well they have the same opinions.

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