The Buffett Bracket

The infamous March Madness basketball tournament in which colleges from all over the United States battle it out to see who the toughest is, Warren Buffett the Omaha Oracle goes for colleges in his state as he was from the Braska State as well as one other color located in the state of Nebraska. All employees of Berkshire Hathaway that they are able to win $1000000 per year for life if they can gets down to the Sweet 16 of the final four which is statistically an impossible feat. Berkshire Hathaway has subsidiaries all over the country meaning leg and then pull your any one of its subsidiaries is eligible to participate in the bracket challenge in the employee of Dairy Queen, Geico or even Orange Julius are able to enter the contest because these are all subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffett has said that even if no one wins the million dollars a random employee will be chosen from a drawing to win $100,000, it’s literally so hard to win the bracket challenge the Quicken Loans was offered 1 billion dollars in 2014 for anyone who was able to do it showing that you would be able to solve this equation is a great show of one’s math and statistics skill it would definitely get the respect of Warren Buffett the March Madness Tournament goes all the way down to the Final Four no one has guests into the final forever before no one has guessed the winner of this game because the outcomes weigh so heavily on many determining factors injuries, as well as technical fouls, play a huge role in who wins the game that initially emotional stay in the play is it’s essentially in unforeseeable winning or losing game one can only guess in this game there are no right or wrong answers.

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