The Books That Shaped Warren Buffett’s Career.

Warren Buffett is one of the most legendary investors to hit the market in the last fifty years and he has gone on to become one of the wealthiest men in the country. Warren Buffett is one of the investors who has long believed in holding onto your assets for at least ten years, this is what is termed value investing. When it comes to becoming a value investor there are certain principles that you must follow, and Warren Buffett has followed these principles to a tee. When it comes to learning how to invest like Warren Buffett there are a few tips that you must learn, and there are a few books that Warren Buffett actually swears by.

Warren Buffett is known to spend a good %80 of his day reading, and he learned from the legendary stock investor Benjamin Graham. The book that Warren Buffett said changed his life was ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham. This is the book that Warren Buffett picked up when he was 19 and it taught him the groundwork to what is termed “Value Investing”. This was a practice that was pioneered by Benjamin Graham, and Warren Buffett has stuck to these principles of investing for the last fifty years. This was not the only book that Warren Buffett swears by, there is also ‘Security Analysis’ by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd. This is another title that gave Warren his vast knowledge of holding onto his securities and the book has many principles that still count today.

There are hundreds of books currently on the market that bare Warren Buffett’s name, but only a few books are actually recommended by the Oracle of Omaha. Warren Buffett has made a name for himself by value investing, and these books were instrumental in shaping his career.

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