The Best Biography of Warren Buffett

One of the best biographies about Warren Buffett is the HBO documentary becoming Warren Buffett. This documentary takes you in the daily life of this world-renowned billionaire and exposes the viewer to just how he works as an investor. Learning how his childhood leads him to become one of the richest men in the world and how his childhood played a major part.

Looking at many billionaires one would think that they had a better advantage than most. Warren Buffett was an average student in High School because he didn’t care for his new environment in Washington, DC. Even though he was born in Omaha when his parents move to Washington DC it took a part of him away and that never recovered until he moved back to Nebraska. When he gets into college where he reluctantly went, he excelled but with minimal work and effort. The way he pursued things in life that weren’t investing, gives you an example of just having the ability to know what you know can help you excel at things in life.

The HBO documentary Becoming Warren Buffett highlighted just how this multi-billionaire gained his riches but still had a grounding that allowed him to see the bigger picture beyond money. Giving him the insight to know that his mission was bigger than being the biggest stock investor what becoming the best he could be if you focus on your talents. Staying in your own lane and not focusing on what others are doing.

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