The Annual Letter From Warren Buffett For 2017.

The annual investment letter that Warren Buffett sends out to his shareholders is world renowned for the knowledge that it bestows on investors and people who are interested in learning how to invest. Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world, and with such a distinction the words of wisdom that he will give are second to none for most people who have been wanting to get into the business. Warren Buffett is a well known in the investment world, and his letters and wisdom are generally not matched by other investors in the stock market.

The 2017 letter to shareholders was well written, and in the usual Warren Buffett style, it gave a glimpse into where the Oracle of Omaha thinks the market is going. Warren Buffett thinks that virtual currency is going to crash, and has stated time and time again that he will not be investing in BitCoin or any other currency at any point in time. Warren Buffett has also increased his shares in Apple, and he still very much believes in the company especially after the release of the iPhone X.

Warren Buffett hasn’t changed many of his positions, and as such Berkshire Hathaway has a $119 Billion Warchest at its disposal. Warren Buffett is known to be very frugal and stable when it comes to his investment choices, and he reiterated this to his shareholders in his 2017 letter to investors as well. Warren Buffett has stood firm on his investment choices for 2017, although he said that Berkshire Hathaway has been looking to make another acquisition although he isn’t sure what it is going to be. 2017 has been a landmark year for Berkshire Hathaway and the company looks to be on a surefire course to keep making amazing gains for shareholders.

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