Teens Snaps Selfie with Buffett & McCartney

Forget about the popular selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars. A teenager in Omaha snagged his own buzzworthy celebrity selfie.

This past Sunday, Tom White, Twitter user @WHITE_estkid, posted a picture of himself on a sidewalk in Omaha, Nebraska. In the picture, he was standing in front of Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett as they casually sat on a bench in the background.

The tweet said “Chillin with my homies” and it linked to a copy of the picture that he posted on Instagram.

Tom White, who has been working toward “Making the world a better place since 1997,” based on his Instagram profile, is giving a thumbs-up and a huge grin in the picture while the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and Sir Paul McCartney casually sit on a bench in the background of the pic.

White has chosen not to respond to any of the efforts made to reach him. There is always a possibility that Tom White is good with Photoshop, but there is plenty of evidence showing that McCartney and Buffett were out socializing that evening.

Earlier that night, McCartney and Buffett were spotted having dinner at an Italian restaurant in the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha. They ate at Avoli Osteria, according to Omaha.com.

The two celebrities then went to a local ice cream shop to enjoy some dessert.

“Warren comes in here quite a bit, but he’s never brought Sir Paul as a guest before, so it was pretty exciting,” said Becky App, ice cream shop owner.

Local radio host Tom Becka also managed to get a blurry picture of McCartney while he was in town on Sunday. But the 58-year-old Becka said he wished he jumped into the picture like White.

“It kills me that I didn’t think of that,” said Becka. “Different generation: The selfie didn’t occur to me.”

According to the website, McCartney played in a concert in Lincoln, Nebraska this past Monday night.

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