Taking A Look At Warren Buffett’s Intellectual Writings.

Learning about Warren Buffett is crucial to become a prudent stock investor, because the man has been an influential force in the stock market for more then fifty years. He went from being a small town boy in Omaha, Nebraska to being one of the richest men in the world. How did he accomplish this feat? While at the same time maintaining his humble demeanor and ability to help those in need with great care and compassion. There is a great amount of literature on Warren Buffett, and there are literally hundreds of books that explain his upbringing and his unique investment style.

Warren Buffett has been known for writing his informative and sometimes visionary letters to his shareholders every year. He takes a hard look at the current market and his roster of investments under the Berkshire Hathaway umbrella, and then gives his view of where the market is headed. Berkshire Hathaway has some sixty companies under it, and Warren is constantly looking for more companies to invest in. Warren Buffett has penned quite a few other articles as well, such as his 2003 fortune article: America’s Growing Trade Deficit Is Selling the Nation Out From Under Us.

Warren Buffett isn’t shy when it comes to speaking his opinion on the market, and he recently even gave his two cents on the Bit Coin craze. Warren Buffett said that you will never see Berkshire Hathaway investing in Bit Coin, and he has stood his ground on many other types of technology booms as well. Warren Buffett however is a stern supporter of Apple Computer, which he owns a majority stake in. When it comes to learning about Warren Buffett he is pretty much an open book, but reading his intellectual pieces will give you a better understanding of just who the man behind the name is.

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