Stocks Warren Buffet Would Buy

Berkshire Hathaway portfolio is very diverse and has a wide variety of companies. Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is just looking for specific things when it comes to investing in a company and that is stability, profits and the ability of the company to grow in a long-term basis. Although he doesn’t have a favorite field when it comes to investing he has already set his eyes in several companies in which he would be willing to buy stocks from them.

Warren Buffet has picked already different companies that are worth his money, among them we can find Ross Stores, TJX companies, USANA Health Sciences, World Acceptance, Urban Outfitters, PetMed Express, FactSet Research Systems, Coach, and Rollins. These companies share something in common, they are big companies, very well structured and with excellent revenues, just what Warren Buffet is looking for when buying stocks.

Right now Berkshire Hathaway portfolio’s value is $191 billion dollars, Warren Buffet recent purchase of Apple’s shares have skyrocketed the company, even though Apple is a very recent investment as of 2016 is heading number one on the list. Warren Buffet demonstrates that is never too late to invest in a company when you know is worth every penny of its value.

Warren Buffet is very conservative when buying stock from a company, he always makes sure he is going to do a good investment and even though he has made bad investments in the past he has never stopped, he is constantly growing and continue to be one of the richest men in the world.

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