Stocks That Warren Buffett Keeps Buying

The trading philosophy of Warren Buffett is that of buying stocks and holding. Buffett is a long-term investor. He holds on to a stock for years until it generates profits. Today, he is the most successful investor in the world. Investors who follow his trading philosophy are likely to be successful since his investing strategy is not hard to follow. Since Warren Buffett was a teenager, he has been investing in the stock market. He has created wealth by investing in the right businesses. The long-term investing strategy that Warren uses means that he holds some stocks for decades. There are stocks he first bought three decades ago and today, he is still purchasing them.

One of the stocks he buys over and over again is Coca-Cola. He first bought this stock in the early 1980s and until today, he still holds them. Another stock started buying recently is the Apple. He started buying stocks in the company in the last two years and has continued to add more in every quarter. Apple has become Berkshire’s top stock investment, overtaking Wells Fargo which is another stock which he has held for a long time.

At this time when Wells Fargo is facing challenges, Warren Buffett has tipped the bank to remain resilient. In 2018 annual conference of Berkshire’s shareholding, Warren Buffett said he has confidence with the steps being taken by the current CEO of the bank to solve the issues affecting it. Warren added more shares in the bank in the last quarter of 2017. Another company where Warren Buffett has invested over and over again is Kraft Heinz.

Warren invests in companies that have a moat. Companies with good management, high returns and have had a long history of paying huge dividends are some of the companies Warren Buffett invests in.

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