Stocks Held By Warren Buffett

Stocks held by Warren Buffett in the year 2017 range from a multitude of sectors, which diversifies risk and best represents the American markets. There are thousands of stocks to choose from on the American markets, but the ones that end up becoming invested in or once that Warren is very familiar with and our common household names. Some of the examples of sectors which Berkshire Hathaway has invested in includes airlines, car manufacturing, banking, soft drinks, and technology.

The airline stocks which Berkshire Hathaway held in 2017 include Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines. The car manufacturer stocks were limited to just BYD. The technology stock was limited to Apple. And the banking stocks include the likes of Bank of New York Mellon, U.S. Bancorp, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

Ownership in any individual companies stock never exceeds 25%, and this is the safest way to ensure that investments never become sour across the entire Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. For example, what other stock that Berkshire Hathaway owns in 2017. At 17% ownership of a company’s stock, this is the largest percentage of any company that Berkshire Hathaway own in 2017. The rest of the stocks ownership was less than 10% across the board for the most part. For example, another banking stock which Berkshire Hathaway purchased in 2017 was Goldman Sachs, and the percentage of company-owned was only 3%. Another stock which is owned by Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway is Coca-Cola, a stock which he is famously tied to and a soft drink which he drinks every day regularly. He believes in the company and knows the product very well because he consumes it every day, and has done so since he was a kid. Also, this stock and company is very popular and well-loved across the world, and so there is a very low risk of it being totally ignored and gone down into a very low stock price which would make Warren and Berkshire lose money.

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