Snopes Warren Buffett Fact Check About His 2011 Debt Ceiling Comment.

There have been many online articles about Warren Buffett, as well as countless books written about the master of investing. Never mind the fact that he hasn’t authored any of these titles, and really doesn’t benefit from any of the titles either. But, to this day Warren Buffett has never sued an author and freely gives all of his investing knowledge out to anyone who will learn from him. There are often times when he will give an opinion or a statement to the media about the economy and it will be misconstrued, and this recently happened with a quote that he gave the associated press about the budget deficit.

Snopes which is a well know fact checking website recently set out to dispel rumors about a 2011 quote where Warren Buffett said that he could fix the debt ceiling. This was in fact something that the Oracle of Omaha actually said, and it was taken a little out of context. Warren was quoted in a 2011 CNBC interview as saying that the deceit could be cut by raising the debt ceiling, and this now infamous statement was actually said by him. He also said that he would pass a law where if the deficit reached %3 over the debt ceiling none of the congress members would be eligible for reelection.

These harsh yet knowledgeable remarks were circulated around the internet as an email, and Warren has not denied making the statement. In fact he said that he could fix the countries deficit in a matter of three minutes by doing what he said, and this was taken the wrong way by a few members of congress because of Warrens immense status in the country as a financial expert. Snopes managed to prove this statement as factual, and yes Warren stands behind what he said.

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