Sign Up for Warren Buffett NCAA Bracket

Berkshire employees got the chance to signup for Warren Buffett’s NCAA bracket. If their team gets through the Sweet 16 tournaments, they could win $1 million for life. Some of those employees might not have been a sports fan but became one for the prize.

Warren Buffett is considered the third richest man in the world. So it is not surprising that he would want to share money with other people, even his own employees. Who knew the boss could be so generous? Apparently, Buffett loves college basketball and what he is doing is a good thing. There was one other catch to the contest. If Nebraska or Creighton won the Sweet 16 tournament, the money goes up to $2 million for life.

Berkshire Hathaway is a huge conglomerate corporation with over 377,292 employees. There are operating companies such as such Duracell, Geico, and Dairy Queen. Only 26 people work at the headquarters. Buffett certainly knows how to keep his businesses up and running which adds to the economy. His corporation comes in at number five for the biggest United States companies. Every employee is eligible to participate in this contest and even if no one wins, at least one lucky worker will get $100,000.

Buffet is hoping that Creighton and Nebraska at least make the Elite Eight. If they do, he will keep his promise of taking Joe Kernan to the game. Kernan is part of CNBC Squawk Box. With his fortune sitting to the tune of $84 billion, Buffett can take that risks and not miss it.

Buffett enjoys doing this contest year after year. It gives the sports fans that work for him the opportunity to bring in a little extra money to spend on their families. Buffett will always do this contest out of fun.

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