Reading Buffettology By Warren Buffett.

There have been so many books written about Warren Buffett over the years, and every book is generally written by a financial expert in the field. What is the takeaway from all of these books about one man? Well, they all explain different methods of trying to build wealth like Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett himself has never actually written a book, so naturally, when it comes to investing like the man himself it would be prudent to do some research on the subject. Mary Buffett (No Relation) is one of the premier financial experts and authors in the country. Her book Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World’s Most Famous Investor was released in 1997 and was co-written by David Clark.

This book gives an enhanced look at how Warren Buffett picked his very first stocks, and what thoughts were going through his head when he picked each stock. Mary Buffett makes various predictions about the market and various positions, now obviously because of the age of this book, there is no real merit to these predictions anymore. Nevertheless, the information that is contained inside of this book is second to none, and the amount of knowledge that Mary Buffett has bestowed on investors is a great way for anyone who respects Warren Buffett to get an inside look at just how he invests and what his style is. Warren Buffett is a value investor, and Mary Buffett is an expert at wealthy building so by combined the two skill sets this book is one of the most comprehensive writings on Warren Buffett thus far.

Buffettology is an excellent book about the investment style of Warren Buffett and is a great read for anyone who has been looking to invest the same way that the Oracle of Omaha is famous for.

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